Why Is Your Antifreeze Leaking?

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Antifreeze is an important element to your truck's cooling system. If you notice a bright green liquid leaking out of your truck, it is most likely the antifreeze that is leaking. Here are some things to look for if you notice this type of leak.

You Need New Radiator Hoses

The majority of the problems associated with an antifreeze leak will deal with the radiator and mechanisms connected to it. The first thing you should check if you're having problems with your antifreeze is any hose connected to the radiator. There should be at least one hose that runs in or out of the radiator. Inspect this hose and look for any signs of wear and tear, including fading, cracks, or splits in the hose. If you find a crack or hole in it, that is probably where the leak is coming from.

There is a Damaged Radiator Cap

The next thing you should check if your truck is leaking antifreeze is the radiator cap. Make sure when you are checking anything on the radiator, you wait until your truck has cooled completely.Once it is cooled off, inspect the top of the cap to look for any damage. You should also give it a turn to see if it is on securely. If it turns too easily, the seal around the edge of the cap might be broken. In this case, it would need to be replaced because pressure is getting built up inside the radiator, causing the leak.

The Water Reservoir is Cracked

Another thing that might be cracked is the water reservoir. This is a plastic container located underneath the hood, close to where the radiator is. There is a hose leading from the reservoir to the radiator. The reservoir holds extra water and antifreeze to supply to the radiator when it needs it. If there is a crack in the reservoir, the antifreeze might start leaking, which would mean you don't have as much supply for your radiator.

The Radiator is Damaged

The last thing you should check when you have an antifreeze leak is the radiator itself. While damage to the radiator is not as common as these other mechanisms, it is more severe. If there is a crack or hole in the radiator, the liquid will start leaking at a rapid pace. The radiator needs to be replaced as there is no way to simply repair the crack.

Talk with a local professional about truck repair if you can't locate the cause of the leak or if it's something you aren't qualified to fix on your own.