4 Tips For Preparing Your Tractor For Transport

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Whether you are moving across town or across the country, transporting your tractor can be a big deal. You might be worried about damaging your equipment during the move, but preparing your tractor properly will help you keep it safe. Follow these tips for preparing your tractor for transport, and you can help ensure that it's ready when the equipment hauling company arrives.

1. Check the Screws and Bolts

Take a moment to check out the screws and bolts on your tractor, and use a screwdriver or a wrench to secure them. The tractor will probably get rattled around a little bit during transport, and loose screws and bolts can cause parts to fall off or otherwise become damaged. By securing everything beforehand, you can help prevent these issues and keep your tractor safe and intact while it's being moved.

2. Cover Vulnerable Parts

To help protect your tractor during transport, you will need to cover any vulnerable parts. Parts that are sharp or that could become damaged during transport should be covered with a tarp or other cover. Also, if you are worried about the appearance of your tractor getting damaged, it can be smart to plan to cover the entire thing during the hauling process. Although a good equipment hauling company should be able to transport your tractor without causing any damage, it's better to be safe rather than sorry.

By covering the tractor with a tarp, you can help protect the paint job and prevent dents in the event that your tractor gets bumped around during transport.

3. Tend to the Battery

Make sure that your tractor's battery is fully charged and does not have any corrosion. Now is a good time to clean off the battery terminals and swap out the battery cables if needed; then, your tractor will be ready to go when you get it to its new location. It can also be smart to disconnect the battery to prevent damage during transport.

4. Empty the Fluids

Before loading up your tractor, you should empty out the oil, gas and other fluids. This can help prevent spills and leaks, and when you add new fluids when your tractor arrives, it will be ready for work.

As you can see, preparing your tractor properly for transport is easy, but it can make a big difference. Follow these steps to help keep your tractor in good shape during the move. (For more information on equipment hauling, contact Santa Fe Tow Service)