Drive Into A Ditch? 4 Things You Should Do

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Ending up in a ditch can happen due to poor weather conditioner or driver error, and it will leave your car stuck without a simple way to get out. You will be able to get out of the ditch by following these tips.

Make Sure You Are Safe

The very first thing you should do is assess your situation and make sure that everyone is safe. Even though you are off the road and in a ditch, use your car's hazard lights for notifying other drivers where you are. It will help prevent another accident, especially if it is during the evening or bad weather conditions.

You do not know how stable the surface is that your car is on, so put on your parking brake to prevent the car from moving for now. Just remember to take it off later when you attempt to move the car.  Contact emergency services so that they aware of the accident and can help block traffic for you.

Alter Your Car's Load

If your car is undamaged, it may be possible to get your car out by yourself. It will be easier to get out of the ditch if you have a lighter load in the car, so try emptying out your trunk to shed those extra pounds. Extra passengers should stay out of your car and away from your path out of the ditch.

The exact opposite is true regarding the load size if your car is stuck in the snow or mud. The extra weight could help pull the car down and find the traction that you desperately need, so have passengers stay in the car with you.

Increase Your Traction

Any way to help give your car more traction is going to help you get out of the ditch. While cat litter and sand are great options, you may not have those easily at your disposal. In an emergency situation you can use a cardboard box or your car's floor mats. For cars with rear wheel drive, you can place the material behind your rear tires. Front wheel drive cars will benefit from having the material in front of the tires.

Get Professional Help

If you are still stuck in the ditch, then it is time to call professional help. Contact a towing company and tell them about your situation. They'll need to send out a car that has a wench to pull your car out of the ditch. Be aware that your car might have damage to the undercarriage or axles, and require a full tow once your car is out.