3 Tips for Contesting a Non-Consent Tow

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A non-consent tow is performed without the permission of the driver. A non-consent tow commonly happens if you are parked in a way that may be a hazard to other drivers. For example, if your car is double parked or is blocking traffic after an accident, it may then be towed without your permission. If this is the case, then the tow truck driver does not need your permission before towing the car. When this happens, you have the option of contesting the tow. There are a few tips that you should use when trying to contest a non-consent tow.

Request a Tow Hearing

If you feel as though your car was parked correctly and that the tow company made a mistake, then you can contest the tow. A tow hearing will allow you to show the judge why your vehicle was wrongly towed. In order to do this, you have to file  a written request with the county in which you were towed. It is important to do this as soon as possible since it can take awhile before the county is able to process your request for a tow hearing.

Bring Physical Evidence to the Tow Hearing

When you get to court you will be arguing against the word of the truck driver and any witnesses that were around during the time of the tow. Therefore, if you feel as though the tow was a mistake then you can counter their claims with physical evidence. For example, you should bring photos of the street sign you were parked at to help prove your claims. If you were towed from a "customer only" parking lot, then you should provide a receipt that shows you were a customer. The stronger the proof you provide, the easier it will be to convince the judge that you were parked correctly.

Pay Your Tow Fees Before the Hearing

Even though you may feel as though your car was towed wrongly, this does not exempt you from paying the tow fees. For every day that you decide to leave your car on the tow lot, it accumulates additional fees. In addition, if you do not end up winning the hearing you will still be required to pay the original tow fees on top of the additional fees it has accumulated.  As a result,  it is important to avoid waiting until after your hearing to pay for your tow fees.

When you feel as though you have been wrongly towed, it can be easy to let your emotions get the best of you. Therefore, use these tips to help you contest a non-consent tow. However, remember that towing services can also be a helpful resource. If you find yourself in a pinch, towing companies, such as Michael's Towing & Recovery Service, can provide the help you need.