Tractor Trailer Towing: 3 Preparations For A Smooth Experience

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When driving a tractor trailer for a living, it stands to reason that you'll encounter a few hard-to-handle situations, such as breaking down on the side of the road. But with the price of towing reaching exponential heights, you may be left feeling blind-sided. By following a few preparations, you can ensure a smooth tow experience to get you closer to being back on the road.

Have a Go-to

If you are far from home in an unfamiliar town or city, it can be difficult to have a go-to towing service. In the event that you may be too far from your regular towing service, you can ask them if they have can recommend services in your area. Otherwise, the National Truck & Trailer Services Breakdown Directory lists available services by category, city, and state.

Compile a List of Services

Putting together a list of services offered along your route can also be beneficial in finding a reputable towing service. Rig repair businesses and dealerships often have this information on-hand. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to call around for different services, or if you are involved in an accident and the police call a tow company for instance, you can have the towing company haul you to a safe but short distance until you have time you locate the towing service you prefer.

Insurance and Towing Rates

With the possibility of towing and recovery rates reaching well into the ten thousands, having tow insurance can save you time lost on the road. It is important to check with your provider on the details of your coverage because towing may not be covered under the standard plan and may include restrictions depending on the age of the rig. Towing rates can fluctuate from company to company and depending on the time or day, so while insurance can help to impede the cost, you can still be on the hook for a substantial bill. When calling around for quotes, don't be afraid to negotiate for a better price. Also, getting a price ahead of time can make the process a lot more stress free.

The Take Aways

If you drive a tractor trailer for a living, it is smart to assume that you may need roadside assistance at least once in your career. Put a list together of towers that you trust to do a reputable job. If you don't know anyone in the area, such as B&B Towing and Recovery, knowing what services are local can lead you to the right company. Finally, having insurance will help offset the towing bill to ensure you have as smooth an experience as possible.