6 Summer Necessities To Pack In Your Roadside Emergency Kit

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Just when you least expect it to happen, you could end up being one of the many motorists who ends up stranded on the side of the highway because their vehicle has failed them. It can be bad enough to be stranded, but when it is in the middle of summer, you're facing an even bigger set of concerns. While you can always count on a towing service to help you out, it can still mean having to wait in your vehicle until they arrive. To make sure you and your passengers stay as comfortable as possible during a breakdown in the summer, there are some necessities you should include in your roadside emergency kit.

1. Water - Staying hydrated in the heat is super important. Plus, the water can be drizzled on a cloth to help keep your body temperature cool. Therefore, keeping a gallon or two of water in your trunk is a good idea when the summer season arrives.

2. Reflective Windshield Cover - You may already have one of these in your vehicle for when you are going to be parked for long periods. If not, summer is the perfect time to toss one in your trunk. In the event of  a breakdown, having something reflective to ward off the sun will be vital.

3. Snacks - In the heat of summer, your body's energy levels will naturally be depleted due to exposure to the sun and the higher temperatures. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some high-protein snacks on hand, such as peanut butter, nuts, or even protein bars.

4. Battery-Operated Radio - A radio can help you keep tabs on local weather conditions while you are waiting for the towing service to arrive. This can be extremely helpful in the summer where temperatures can rise quickly and storms can take form without a lot of notice.

5. Sunscreen - If you have to leave your vehicle because of the heat, keeping your skin protected is important. Likewise, if there is bright sunlight streaming into your car, you can still get a sunburn. So having sunscreen on hand is always a good idea.

6. Solar-Powered Fan - If you have something on hand just to circulate the air a bit inside your vehicle, it can bring you a lot of relief. Solar-powered fans are fairly inexpensive and small and can usually be clipped right to your car window.