3 Extra Perks That A Commercial Truck Towing Service Might Offer

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Naturally, you probably already know that you can call a commercial truck towing company to come and tow your commercial vehicle if something goes wrong, such as if there is an accident or if your truck breaks down. You might not know that many commercial truck towing services do offer extra perks for their customers, too, though. Of course, the perks that are available do vary from company to company, but these are some of the possible perks that you might be able to enjoy with the right commercial truck towing service.

1. Accident Cleanup

If you are involved in an accident when driving a commercial truck, then a big mess could be left behind. Along with a damaged truck, you may also have to deal with items from your commercial truck's trailer being scattered all over the road and surrounding area. Getting this big mess cleaned up is important, but it can be tough to do if you need to seek medical attention or if you are just stressed out and overwhelmed from the accident. Some commercial truck towing services do offer accident cleanup services, though, which can be a very valuable service to make use of after being involved in an accident. Plus, along with helping with accident cleanup, one of these companies can tow your commercial vehicle to the shop so that it can be repaired, too.

2. Mobile Mechanic Services

Sometimes, commercial trucks can be repaired without you actually having to take it into the shop. You might not have the tools, parts, or know-how to fix the truck on the side of the road yourself, but a professional might. Some commercial truck towing services will actually attempt to get your commercial vehicle back up and running by working on the side of the road to try to resolve the problem. If the problem can be fixed, then you might be able to get back on your way without any major issues or delays. If not, then the towing company can simply tow your truck to the shop so that it can be fully repaired.

3. 24/7 Towing Services

Even though there is never really a good time to get into an accident on a commercial truck or to deal with a breakdown, these things do sometimes tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. Luckily, even though some commercial truck towing services do only work during regular business hours, many of these companies also work late at night or on the holidays, which can really come in handy if you find yourself in a tough situation.