FAQs About Auto Towing Services

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When you get a car emergency and your mechanic can't fix the issue immediately, you'll need auto towing services. A towing service moves your vehicle from the point of breakdown to the nearest auto service station. Before contacting a towing service, you need to understand all you can about the services offered to eliminate doubt. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about auto towing services that can help you better understand these services.

What's the Cost of Auto Towing Services?

The towing service charges differ depending on the towing service. Typically, every tow truck company offers special prices. Hence, compare the rates of various tow services and pick an affordable service. Another factor that influences the pricing of towing services is distance. Typically, you will pay more if the towing company covers a long distance from the point of your car's breakdown to the towing station or vehicle repair shop.

Your vehicle's state also matters. For instance, if your car falls into a ditch, the towing services may use special equipment such as a winch and probably more time to recover the vehicle, leading to higher charges. More so, a vehicle with flat tires needs a flat-bed towing truck, which costs more. Off-road recovery may also cost you more because of the poor conditions of the road.

Can Your Insurance Cover the Costs of a Towing Service?

After a collision, auto towing services usually transport your car to the towing yard. That's a good idea because you won't pay the towing bill. Additionally, your insurer will visit the yard as soon as possible to avoid storage fees. The expert will then inspect your car for the damages and settle the claims and the towing charges. However, some insurance policies don't cover towing costs. Therefore, confirm with your insurance company in advance so that you can plan your finances and be ready in case a car emergency occurs.

Do Auto Towing Service Experts Do Car Repair?

Auto towing service professionals also perform car repairs. At times, your vehicle may stall due to a dead battery, flat tire, or a wiring issue. Towing experts can quickly jump-start your car, replace the flat tires, and fix wiring problems. If the problem is severe, such as an engine knock, the auto towing services may tow your vehicle to a repair shop where repair experts investigate the problem further.

With these answers to FAQs, you now have a better understanding of what auto towing services entail.